By 1998, heating in the New Town in Moravia, heating plant and assured the major house about 7 or block boiler houses on brown coal, or on other solid fuels. The system of heat and hot water was different from the hot water vapor. Most of these resources came from the 60s of the 20 century, and investment in the repair or upgrading of these sources and heat distribution were negligible and not enough on their recovery. Therefore, the city New Town in Moravia in 1996 organized a tender for the solution in the supply of heat from which was selected by COGEN Norwegian ASA. It also secured financing for the entire project from its capital. In 1997 projects were developed and launched the construction of new lines and new resources. In early June 1998, was carried off from the existing points of supply lines and connections for a new hot water system. The buildings have since been equipped with the new transfer stations for household heating and hot water. At the same time was put into operation and overhaul, heating plant, equipped with a gas boiler initially only a total output of 11MW.

The old system and the equipment is not used anything except the basic building the old locomotive shed. This solution was more demanding on the initial investment, but we avoid half measures and various losses above that of the old facilities were really outstanding and above were undoubtedly in a state of disrepair. The original building heating plant has been completely refurbished and adapted to new technology.

After several years of careful measurement and evaluation of market and consumption of heat management decided in 2003 to extend the heating plant equipment on the combined heat and power, called cogeneration, which was also fulfilled the intention of investors and home town. In 2004 projects were developed in September of that year, the devices have been put into operation.



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