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New Town teplárenská OJSC Founded as a joint venture of New Town in Moravia and the Norwegian company COGEN ASA in 1997 in order to build a new district heating systems in the New Town in Moravia. We produce heat for residential and commercial sector in the New Town in Moravia and the electricity they sell to the high voltage network. Customer networks are constantly expanding. Use as fuel gas, biomass us yet is not based primarily economically appropriate, but still follow the trends in the field of alternative energy. New Town in Moravia and gained universal system of heating with a lifetime of 50 years and a variable heat source, which can install additional equipment We hold licenses to heat and electricity.

Building a new system of production and distribution of heat fundamentally reduce or even eliminate the harmful, carcinogenic fumes, caused by incomplete combustion of brown coal. Comparison of emission levels before construction of the new system is best seen on the attached charts and also on the photo taken by one local citizen in winter 1996.



Milan Netrh | responsible person | business management
Stanislav Šebek | energetic | office of

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